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Brandy Swivel Chair - Urban Snow
Brandy Swivel Chair - Urban Snow
Multiple Sizes

Brandy Swivel Chair - Urban Snow

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Brandy Swivel Chair

An absolute cult classic!

Furniture Forum's Brandy Swivel Chair, a deep tub chair, redefines comfort with its embracing design, plush cushions, and a 360-degree swivel feature.

The Brandy is a masterpiece of tailored clean fine lines, offering an aesthetic that's as sharp as it is inviting. Beyond its stylish appearance, this chair provides an exceptionally comfortable and spacious seating experience. Our customers are absolutely enamoured with this piece, and we can't get enough of it either!

Available in two sizes, Large and Extra Large! Large chair photographed.

The Urban Snow Fabric

Urban Fabric is a versatile and durable collection crafted entirely from 100% polyester, offering a versatile and durable solution with transitional woven plains, seamlessly fitting into refined spaces and tailored looks. Its plush texture, visual appeal and durability make it ideal for both residential and high-traffic areas. The fabric is described as durable, sophisticated, inviting, soft, yet textured, providing a polished aesthetic. With 5 available shades, Urban Fabric allows for a customisable and stylish addition to diverse interior design preferences.

Brandy Swivel Chair Specifications

If you require further specifications or have any questions about the Brandy Swivel Chair please message us on live chat or email us.

Pictured: Large