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Whilst we ensure to deliver the highest and finest quality materials, it’s crucial that you maintain your furniture to preserve its freshness. We aim for your lounge to evolve with you; therefore, we recommend following this guide to enhance the durability of your furniture.

For fabric-based furniture, we suggest applying a surface protective product before use. These products are readily available at your local supermarkets or hardware stores. This protective coating forms a barrier against dust, dirt, bacteria, and stains, ensuring your fabrics remain shielded. Additionally, it simplifies the cleaning process for spills or stains, preventing absorption. It's recommended to reapply this protective coating every six months or as specified on the product label.

General Care

Professional Cleaning

We recommend professional cleaning every 6-12 months to ensure the longevity of your furniture.

Mind the Heat

Maintain a minimum 30 cm gap between your furniture and heating sources to prevent fabric deterioration from prolonged exposure to heat.

Sunlight Caution

Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight, as all materials can fade over time when exposed.

Pet-Free Zone

While we all love our pets and this may be challenging, we encourage to keep pets off your furniture to prevent potential damage. This action will also void your warranty.

Chemical-Free Zone

Never use harsh chemicals such as nail polish remover, bleach, glue, household cleaners, or paint thinners on or near your lounge.

Equal Usage

Instead of having a favourite seat, evenly use your entire suite to maintain a consistent appearance and aging.

Thread Care

Do not pull loose threads; instead, trim them off neatly with sharp scissors to prevent creating holes.

Regular Maintenance

All fabrics require regular care and maintenance. Vacuum with an upholstery attachment to prevent premature wear and discoloration. Treat spills and marks promptly.

Handle with Care

Avoid lifting or moving furniture by pulling on sofa and armchair arms or upholstery. Damage caused by external force is not covered under the furniture warranty.

Machine Washing

Please be aware that none of our fabrics should be machine washed unless explicitly specified otherwise. The SOL fabric range is our only fabric designated for dry cleaning only.


While we provide furniture care advice, the outcome is the owner's sole responsibility. Furniture Forum does not accept responsibility for the results of any advice followed from these guidelines.


Initial Clean-up

Use a dry, clean, colourless microfibre cloth to remove any unabsorbed matter from the sofa.

General Stains

You may opt for bleach-free, instant stain-removing foam. Spray the foam onto the affected area, allow it to evaporate for approximately 5 minutes, and then blot dry using a colourless microfibre cloth or as instructed on the product label.

Stubborn Stains

Dampen the stained area and gently rub the sofa with a bleach-free stain remover designed for fabrics. You can find such products in the laundry section of any supermarket. Ensure thorough rinsing, and once dry, brush the furniture fabric with a soft brush to align all fibres back into place for a polished finish.

Product Recommendations

While specific brand names cannot be mentioned here, our team is available to provide recommendations. Feel free to contact us for personalised advice.



While we gladly provide furniture product care and advice, it is essential to acknowledge that the ultimate outcome is the sole responsibility of the owner. Furniture Forum cannot accept any responsibility for the results stemming from the guidance offered in these guidelines. Users are encouraged to exercise discretion and follow the instructions provided with due diligence to ensure the best possible care for their furniture.