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Hayman Sofa - Boucle Arctic
Hayman Sofa - Boucle Arctic
Hayman Sofa - Boucle Arctic
Hayman Sofa - Boucle Arctic
Hayman Sofa - Boucle Arctic
Hayman Sofa - Boucle Arctic

Hayman Sofa - Boucle Arctic

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Our Hayman Sofa Pair, enveloped in our favorite Boucle Arctic fabric, is more than just furniture; it's a statement of style.

With its striking retro black metal legs, these spacious sofas exude elegance without compromising on comfort. The carefully crafted design is a perfect marriage of aesthetics and relaxation, making it an ideal addition to any space.

Elevate your living area with the Hayman Sofas and indulge in luxury while transforming your space into a haven of modern elegance.

The Boucle Arctic Fabric

Our Bouclé Fabric Collection, meticulously woven from 100% polyester yarn, stands at the forefront of contemporary comfort, currently dominating the market as the most sought-after choice for lounges and home interiors. Characterised by its distinctive surface featuring small, tight loops, this luxurious Bouclé fabric creates an inviting and stylish ambiance. Elevate your living spaces with the on-trend allure of Bouclé, offering not just a tactile indulgence but also a timeless sophistication that effortlessly complements modern interiors. Available in two shades, the Bouclé Fabric Collection allows you to infuse your space with the colours that resonate with your style.

Hayman Specifications

If you require further specifications or have any questions about the Hayman please message us on live chat or email us.