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Why choose our rocking chairs?

Why choose our rocking chairs?

Let us explain!
We believe the vulnerable moments with your newborn are the most precious, the ones to cherish the most. We dreamed to provide parents with a comfortable and attractive rocking chair without sacrifice. 

So we created our first born, The Siesta Rocker…

We were absolutely swept off our feet by the response to our Siesta Rocker. A complete sell out with a high demand for more. So we designed another, with the same comfort but a different facade. Our Mellow Rocker, characterised by its soft mediterranean curves and of course, boucle fabric. 

We wanted all mums and dads to feel like they were sitting on a cloud during those 4am feeds, a place safe to lift your legs up, a calm abode to rock away with your tiny human. 

Our rockers include an ottoman, a back pillow for extra lumbar support or for feeding comfort and a set of standard legs to switch over when your little one is grown and you've both finished rocking away.

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