A guide to taking care of your new lounge and fabrics along with some cleaning hacks and tips!


  • Professional cleaning is recommended every 12 months.
  • Maintain at least 30 cm gap between furniture and heating sources. Prolonged exposure to heat can cause fabric to deteriorate.
  • Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight. All materials fade over time if placed in direct sunlight.
  • Do not allow pets onto products – this may result in scratching and excess dirt on to your lounge.
  • Never use harsh chemicals on or near your lounge. This includes nail polish remover, bleach, glue, household cleaners and paint thinners.
  • Rather than have a ‘favourite seat’, use your whole suite equally. This will keep the appearance of your lounge to look equal all over and aging as one.
  • Do not pull loose threads if they occur, this could create a hole. Trim them off neatly with sharp scissors.
  • All fabrics require regular care and maintenance and cleaning: vacuum with an upholstery attachment as dust can cause premature wear and discolouration. Treat spills and marks immediately.

Your furniture is not designed to be lifted or moved by pulling on arms or upholstery. Damage caused to fabric, stitching or zips as a result of external force are not covered under warranty.


Liqueur, wine, drinks, coffee, tea & milk: Use a dry, clean cloth to remove the matter that has not been absorbed. Dampen the stain and then rub gently with cleaning fluid (available from your furniture stockist), rinse thoroughly & finally, when dry, brush the fabric with a soft brush.
Pen, ink, cosmetics, shoe-polish, oil & grease: Dampen the stain with warm water and then rub gently with cleaning fluid, rinse thoroughly and finally, when dry, brush the fabric with a soft brush.
Stubborn stain/ ball pen mark: Use a cleaning fluid, dampen a cloth with the solution & follow the procedure described above.

DO NOT Bleach
DO NOT Tumble Dry
Iron steam or dry with low heat
Dry-clean only
Wash at 40 degrees

For any cleaning instructions beyond this we at Furniture Forum in Sydney advise to reach out to a professional steam cleaner.

Whilst Furniture Forum in Sydney happily offer product care and advice, the longevity of a lounge is the sole responsibility of the owner.

If you require further guidance please contact our friendly customer service team on (02) 8860 6410 or info@furnitureforum.com.au.