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Beat the Price Increases! Freight Rates Continue to Skyrocket

Beat the Price Increases! Freight Rates Continue to Skyrocket

Since demand in the product throughout the lows of COVID-19 freight prices continue to increase at over 400%, resulting in an impact on retail prices with an expectation to increase by up to 50%, with major retailers already taking the lead with price increases.

The climb in demand has stemmed from government stimulus, travel restrictions and consumers spending more time at home developing with the urge to redecorate, congestion and closures of ports and a global shortage of shipping containers.

Before the lows of COVID-19, the cost of shipping containers was sitting around $4000USD and we are now seeing these prices at an all-time high, sitting at approximately $13,500USD per container.

These increases will continue to surge in not only furniture and homeware goods but coffee, toys, clothing, electronics and so on. Our advice is to prepare for these price increases, be quick and save thousands as we brace ourselves to face prices higher than ever before and product shortage.

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